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Who are we

The Roadmarking Supplier Alliance is an initiative of three companies seeking to better leverage our technology and logistics capability to better serve our customers.

Damar Industries

Damar Industries APAS approved waterborne roadmarking paint in Sydney Australia combines well with Damar’s New Zealand paint manufacturing capability. A long time supplier in the NZ market, Damar bring their Cold Applied Plastic products, in Structured, Profile and Spray to the Australian market along with their NZ based aerosol products.

Potters Industries

Potters Industries based in Melbourne Australia, has been a long time Australian based manufacturer of glass beads for use by the Highway Industry.

DPI Australia

Dura Products based in Sydney Australia, has a longstanding reputation for quality thermoplastic and preform thermoplastics. Dura offer extends to include APEX brand RRPM’s.

Roadmarking Alliance

In this alliance Damar, Dura and Potters recognise that leveraging the skills of three companies will deliver a greatly enhanced package for the road marking industry, inclusive of a one stop shop, access to electronic ordering as well as a commitment to cooperative R&D, all of which has been designed to benefit both our existing and prospective customers.

As a result our customers have access to a comprehensive range of products, support, service and our extensive experience.

Our Services

By combining the capability of three companies across beads, paint and thermoplastic powders and introducing other ancillary products such as RRPM’s, specialty preform thermoplastic etc, the Roadmarking Supplier Alliance can provide not only the products through a coordinated approach, but also deliver far better targeted technical service.

  • Damar Offers:

    • Water Based Roadmarking Paint
    • Solvent Based Roadmarking Paint
    • Water Based Coloured Surfacing
    • Cold Applied Plastic Coloured and Friction Surfacing
    • Cold Applied Plastic Structured and ATP Markings
    • Linemarking and Spotting Aerosol Markers

  • Potters Offers:

    • Pristine and Standard Grade Glass Beads Products
    • Type B, BHR, C, CHR, D and DHR
    • Visilok™ Paint Drying Additive
    • Antiskid
    • Application Equipment

  • DPI Offers:

    • Thermoplastic
    • Screed, Extrusion, Spray, ATP Profile
    • Preform
    • RPMs and RPM Adhesives
    • Thermoplastic Application Equipment

  • Quality Systems & Approvals:
    • ISO 9001:2008
    • NATA accreditation ISO/ICE 17025
    • APAS 0041

  • Quality Systems & Approvals:
    • ISO 9001:2008
    • ISO14001:2004
    • AS/NZS 4801:2001
    • NATA accreditation ISO/ICE 17025
    • APAS 0042

  • Quality Systems & Approvals:
    • ISO 9001:2008
    • AS4049.2 & AS4049.4
    • AS1906.3-1992
    • RTA/RMS QAS 3357 & QAS 3359


Damar Industries


Phone:    +61 2 9756 4511

Fax:         +61 2 9756 0985

Potters Industries


Phone:    1800 806 062

Fax:         +61 3 9708 9250

DPI Australia


Phone:    +61 2 9603 6699

Fax:         +61 2 9603 6698